As we said, this radio station is a grass roots initiative and was created to help and promote the local artists of Chatham-Kent, Ontario – Canada.

We are doing this on volunteer bases and we are driven by the passion of knowing that one day we’ll be having a role in discovering the new Elvis, Shania Twain or Justin Bieber.

Our little initiative started to attract the attention of the community and this is how we end up with several shows that we’re producing. We have more way to go to get where the potential of this initiative can take us, but for now we’re trying to move steady.

Here’s our audience for now:
RadioCK audience around the world

We like creating meaningful content that can be enjoyed around the world.
There are more shows that we’d like to produce but there is a limit on time and finances that we can invest. If you enjoy what we’re doing and you’d like to see us grow then we’d be pleased to have you involved.

Right now these are on our list:
– Buy more air time
РGet volunteers  and interns and teach them radio and journalism, let them develop experience and grow their skills
– Create a simple “on location” kit that we can take around and broadcast live
– Develop reporter kits for news and events reporting
– Rent a studio place [we found one… around $650] so we can have a creative place and be able to accommodate a bigger crew

Projected montly expenses:
– Studio space rent – $650
– Internet connection – $75
– VoIP Phone Service – $10

At the present moment we have:
Facebook Fans – 311
Twitter Followers – 771
Promoted Local Artists – 16

Our goal is to broadcast 24/7 and to have a lot of good content targeted to Chatham-Kent and internationally.

If we would get just $1/month donation from all our followers, all these can be made possible.

become-my-patron-on-patreonYou can use your PayPal account, your Credit and even the Debit card. Thank you!