Tina Pumfrey

Her first full-length solo album, “Where God Is”, was released on December 4, 2014. It has been quite a journey getting here, but she wouldn’t change it!

Music has been part of her life for as long as she can remember. She loved her years of training in classical piano, and tried her hand at a few other instruments. Tina went off to university and studied other things, but no matter what she have done since then, the music kept calling her, and has stayed with her. Tina enjoys her role in music ministry at two local churches, and she got to share her love of music with hundreds of students as an elementary school music teacher. Seven years in a local band led Tina to discover her voice, and a love for song writing.

Going solo several years ago allowed Tina to focus on her own music and spend more time with her family. She is very thankful to her husband and her four children for their patience and their support! She was lucky enough to meet the right people to form a new band as they are a talented, dedicated and creative bunch, and Del, Eugene and Jim were a great asset in the development of “Where God Is” album.

Music is Tina’s way to recharge, to be creative, to express her faith experience, and to connect with people. Sometimes creativity (and life!) is messy, and doesn’t fit into neat little boxes, which is where her blog comes in: