Robert Bellamy

Rob has been a student of film all his life but finally got involved in it three years ago. On the first project he was involved in he was an extra and then production manager. Following that he bought in to JX3 Media Productions to become one of the owners.

From there he studied production and editing at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Using this Rob also started helping in another area, charity and community.

He co-founded CK Causeplay with Kristina Garant and Chris Bullard and held a small event that helped raise some money for charity and bring some fun to the community. The three then turned that, with the help of more people in the community, into CKX last year.

With two of his friends and business partners, Mike Lutz and Jason Bechard, Rob has been recording a podcast for the last two and a half years called the Movie Madhouse. It deals with anything and everything movies. Rob and the group from JX3 continue to write and film in the area shining a light on all the amazing location and incredible talent in the area.