J. W. Martin

J.W. Martin is a promising new author who decided to do things his own way as the publishing industry continues to change on the daily. He is the author of the upcoming “Living Legend” as well as “Secrets of Retail”.

Previous book can be found here:
Secrets of Retail

The new book is not on Amazon yet, but here is some information about it:

Rory Stewart and Harvey Chase are the first two men to go to war over the Loch Ness Monster.

Rory has lived the last 30 years along the shore of Loch Ness. He stands vigilant as the self-appointed protector of a creature he can’t even be sure he’s ever seen.

Harvey is a man of considerable wealth and resources, whose favourite hobby is hunting down creatures of legend.

Having dealt with tourists, scientists and would-be hunters for three decades, Rory will have to use every trick he’s learned to protect the legend he loves when the fame-seeking Harvey Chase turns his attention on the fabled “Nessie”. If Rory loses it could mean the capture of a monster, or worse yet, proof that she never existed at all.

We had the pleasure of having Mr. J.W. Martin in the studio. Listen to the show: