Conjure are a 4 piece metal band who reign from the small town of Chatham, Ontario. Taking influence from many metal sub-genres, Conjure delivers a sound that is heavy and sinister.

Conjure was formed in 2013 after Brienne Boucher’s (Lead vocals/rythym guitar) departure from Crimson Graveyard. Brienne teamed up with ex. Day Of Age vocalist Foster Zoldy (Drums/Backing vocals).

Together they began working on songs and played a few basement shows as a 2 piece band. Jeremiah Kiers, a friend of the band, joined Conjure temporarily on bass to complete the line up. Conjure

played their first public show on March 1st, 2014. By April 2014, Jeremiah decided to leave the band and was soon replaced by Connor Hughey. In addition to Connor, close friend Michael Lindsay

also joined the band on lead guitar. Conjure was now a 4 piece. The band played many shows throughout the summer of 2014. By the end of the summer, Connor decided he wanted to leave the band.

The band took a hiatus to work on changing their sound a bit. During this time, Nicholas Grand (Elastic drummer/We Sleep At Dawn guitarist) replaced Connor on bass.

Conjure went into the recording studio with producer Erik Gurney in January 2015 to record their first single Burn Her, Kill Her along with b-side Homicide Billy. The single was released on

The band is continuing to play shows and is in the process of planning their first EP:


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